Beauty5pro strives  to empower women to take charge of their beauty and build a community of

supportive, strong and confident women.


Come be part of our beauty tribe! 


Let us show you the way


Our workshops are  interactive . We tailor each session to suit you and your needs


Our monthly workshops will ensure you will never lose touch again. You are assured that you will be learning something new all the time!


You can either visit our Studio to learn or learn from the comfort of your homes.


Professionals, from both the paper and the experience, we bring to you nothing but the best.





Are you overwhelmed and have no idea where to start when doing your own makeup?

Are you a beauty enthusiast who would like more in-depth learning than You-tube allows?


Then this one -one tutorial is perfect for you! 



From essential skincare routines to a full glam, you now can learn from the comfort of your homes.

Get your brushes ready and Book now!





Are you’re a beginner looking for a fun way to learn about makeup or hairstyling? Are you a professional makeup artist looking to elevate your skills, learn a new technique, or perhaps adding certain hairstyling skills to your portfolio? Then our Private Sessions are the perfect fit for you! 

We will resume our private lessons once the COVID-19 is over :) You can email me meanwhile to find out more.