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    Perfect for girls looking to improve their skin appearance
    • 45 Minutes of Online Tutorial
    • Personalised Skincare Advice
    • Personalised Facial Skin Analysis
    • Reccomendation of budget friendly products
    • Demonstration of how to use skincare prodcuts efficiently

    Perfect for girls looking to learn eye makeup techniques
    • 1.5 hours of online tutorial
    • Full eye makeup application method
    • Tools / brushes needed for eyeshadow application
    • Eyeshadow application based on your eye shape and skin tone
    • 2 different types eyeshadow techniques
    • Eyebrow shaping technique
    • Eyeliner and false eyelashes application techniques

    Perfect for girls looking to learn how to sculpt her face
    • 1.5 hours of online tutorial
    • Personalised skin analysis
    • Personalised pre-makeup preparation technique
    • Learn how to create a flawless base for your skin type
    • Learn how to select your foundation / concealers
    • Learn how to colour correct and conceal the right way
    • Learn which makeup brushes to use
    • Learn how to contour and highlight your face
    • Learn how to achieve either a dewy or matte finish base
  • Best Value

    GLAM UP!

    Perfect for girls looking to learn a holistic glam look
    • 4 hours of online tutorial (2 Days)
    • Personalised face analysis
    • Personalised skincare advice
    • Contouring and highlighting method
    • Full face makeup application method
    • 2 eyeshadow techniques
    • 1 simple hairstyle tutorial